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The Serbian Orthodox chapel cantors are a group that deals with the preservation of Serbian traditional music. In his repertoire of songs primarily foster the spiritual as well as national, ethnic and old town character. Cantors gathered on November 26, 2011 when four friends, colleagues from the Faculty of Theology decided to gift the song in their possession, beautify the church worship.

As the idea grew, expanding the range of songs and how the growing involvement of the composition, so the number of members increased. Cantors now numbering 13 members including three girls.

Thanks to effort and dedication Serbian Orthodox cantors become an indispensable part of many of the world's gatherings,  and it recognizes and His Holiness Serbian Patriarch Irinej and 31 October 2013, gives the blessing in every further their work on the preservation of Serbian music.

<2014 Godine "cantors" have made their first solo concert in Belgrade, in the lobby of the National Bank of Serbia, which was extremely well received. December 22, 2015, the great hall Kolarac held its second concert of Belgrade which broke all records visit the Foundation (Over 1,350 people) and in circles of connoisseurs of this kind of music is regarded as one of the best and most varied. The concert "cantors" are actually marked the beginning of his still posvećenijeg and angažovanijeg work.

In the period behind us they are added to enrich their repertoire of which can certainly say that I raznorsnosti become a repertoire that a large number of songs may be the only saving it from oblivion.

Of the most important projects in which participated the, we have set aside, participation in recording the second CD for the restoration of the monastery columns as well as recording a CD with marches for the Army of the Republic of Serbia. It should be noted that they are welcome guests in a Serbian diaspora but also often visit the Serbian people in Kosovo and Metohija.

Plans "amplify" for the near future are recording their first CD, as well as concerts throughout Serbia, especially in Prizren. The desire of this group of young enthusiasts and also an incredible singer that in the future the more beautify the church or the world events

Slava of Serbian Orthodox reinforce the Trinity-Ghosts, because all you are doing, work in the glory of God.

The Serbian Orthodox cantors officially receive the blessing of His Holiness Serbian Patriarch Irinej on the day of the Holy Apostle and Evangelist Luke 31 October 2013.

Reflecting on his recognizable symbol, emblem or coat of arms coming up with the idea to require the use of Studenica CROSS ... cantors receive a blessing from the abbot Tikhon on his coat of arms with Studenička CROSS. Long tried to baptism decorations but no preliminary design was not original and in the spirit of the Serbian people. In the Lord's explore Serbian coat of arms there is the idea that Studenička CROSS put the shield and the shield of the Nemanjic eagle. The two-headed eagles symbolize the spiritual and secular authority, and knowing that the Serbian Orthodox cantors based cultural SERBIAN MUSIC ie. sing spiritual and secular music (national, ethnic) find similar symbolism and so decide to crest is unique and distinctive, because it is all in  spiritual and national spirit.



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About Music

Many trials and difficult past of the people of the Balkans led to the preservation of the spirit of the community and made the Balkan country's maybe the greatest keepers of traditional Serbian songs.
Sung in all occasions, especially at work. Songs were created by having started in a soul, and later continued his life traveling from throat to throat, heart to heart ... This kind of folk songs appeared in the souls of the nation in the fields of the Balkans - Bosnia, Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia, Macedonia, Bulgaria. Slovenian spirit is felt in many parts of the songs. Thanks to its inaccessibility and remoteness of the village in which he lived and worked for the people, a song to this day preserved intact and unchanged. Ethnomusicologists believe that a song, which itself shows their contents, dating back to long before the time of the Christianisation of the Serbs and other southern Slavs. Songs often sing about pagan rituals and customs that are in some forms of the Serbian people keep up to date.
In urban music deep scars left many cultural armies marching under heaven, however, short and clear emotional forces in the lyrics give the basic distinctive line ... one that confirms the Balkan soul singing exactly from the heart. Frequent topics as slavery, junasta, forbidden love, crying mothers, sisters, or love for his son, brother, sweetheart who enslaved or killed in battle ... There are the usual and ritual songs that sing of the harvest, mobi, Prel ... about playing and singing ... company directory Variety of songs is great, every place has its own distinctive song, Even the theme and rhythm. Developing Orthodox Christianity in the lyrics mature and spiritual themes. Rooting big Christian holidays, as many people in Easter, Christmas, Lazarička and other songs.
In Serbia, the characteristic guttural singing. There are songs that are sung in the voice and songs on bass. Etnpmuzikolozima Thanks to everyone who wrote and recorded the songs and playing authentic folk singers and musicians, today is the largest number of songs stored and again with the re-awakening of national consciousness is transferred from generation to generation. A large number of songs is preserved in its original form.






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